Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Shri Narendra Modi addressed public meeting in Kalyan (Maharashtra) on 21st April, 2014


आज कल्याणमध्ये महायुतीच्या उमेदवारांसाठी नरेंद्र मोदी साहेब आणि उध्दव साहेब ठाकरे यांची जाहीर सभा नुकतीच संपन्न झाली. या सभेतील काही क्षण….     Images Courtsey : Read More »

List of candidates of Kalyan constituency for Loksabha 2014


Are you Voting This Lok sabha Elections 2014? Then You Must be aware of candidates who are contesting candidates and their parties. The table below shows who are the contesting BJP, Congress, independent etc. candidates from the Kalyan Constituency in the Maharashtra General (Lok Sabha) Elections 2014. Read More »

How to Get More Retweets on Twitter for Free

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Posting your content on Twitter to increase awareness about your brand is great. However, if you want to extend your influence online: get your content retweeted. Infographics Source: QuickSprout There are a lot of benefits of retweets, including: Message… Read More »

Vishwanath Patil Congress Shares Some Words to Workers Guidance Meet in Kalyan

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Vishwanath Patil candidate of Congress Bhiwandi constituency Giving Guidance to Congress Workers in Kalyan . Vishwanath Patil is Official candidate of Indian National Congress Party, Nationalist congress party, RPI (sec), kunbi sena and Agari sena for Bhiwandi Loksabha constituency. Read More »

Photography Contest Organized on this Gudi Padwa in Kalyan East


On This Gudi Padwa, 31st March 2014 every year a Swagat Yatra is arranged on occasion of Hindu New Year Celebration in Kalyan East. On this event Revolution Forum has arranged a photography competition under guidance of Vaibhavsheth Ganpat Gaikwad. This contest is free of cost and last date of entry is 30th march , 2014. Read More »